MTBdryland Program

High-performance training for the dedicated mountain bike athlete looking to improve their health and riding. This strength and conditioning program is designed to improve your quality of riding, help prevent injury, increase your endurance and produce more power. From recreational to Pro-level riders, through a focused commitment of 2/hours per week, for 6 months, the MTBdryland program maximizes the winter 'off season' to prepare riders for their personal best. 


The 2017/18 Version of the MTBdryland Program will be starting up Tuesday November 7th, 2017!

Tuesday and Thursday

Morning - 7:15 AM, 8:30 AM 

Evening - 6:30 PM, 7:45 PM 

Participants commit to one class time for the season. 

No classes scheduled Dec 26th 2017 and Jan 2 2018.

Other class times and formats are available.  

Send us a note to let us know how we can accommodate your schedule.


BONDtraining at Level 10 Fitness

140 - 890 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, BC

Investment - $275 per month (six month commitment)

Early bird - Register by September 15th and $250 per month (six month commitment)


Click on our Instagram account below for updates on how our current MTBdryland participants are doing with their season of riding and racing!




Trusted by national and international caliber athletes, Provincial and National Champions, BONDtraining’s MTBdryland Program is the best use of time for the results you're seeking. 

"Reaching my max potential has always been a goal of mine and only riding isn't enough to reach it.  The MTBdryland program has allowed me to gain strength and fitness to help me push harder on the trails.  As I've started to feel stronger in the gym I've felt stronger on the bike."

Ben Wallace